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This will be a tremendous 28-day experience for you. You will regain your energy and health. Congratulations for taking the first step in your healing journey.

This program is designed to be a learning experience where you can take many of the tips you learn and apply them to your everyday life once the program is over.

Every self-care program must include self-care and relaxing component. We will cleanse your body and your mind! We will eat real food during this program. Eating healthy delicious food is the best way to get you into the habits of eating healthy as part of a continuing lifestyle.

Trust me if it doesn' t taste good it doesn't matter how healthy it is you will not eat.

We need to focus on easy, healthy foods that you have in your refrigerator or pantry, (or foods you would like to have in your pantry) you are making in a new way. This program will increase your energy and release your weight at the same time.

Finding time in the day to relax and de-stress is also crucial to your healing process. When you are stressed all the time you create free radicals that damage your cells and prematurely cause aging and bad health.

Who wants that? Nobody!!! So I encourage you to take at 10-15 minutes a day to do something that is relaxing. I have included activities in this program. I call them centering exercises. I will send you a link to an audio recording each day.

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Dae Jones

Who's Dr. Dae? I’m Dr. Daemon Jones, but my friends and patients call me “Dr. Dae.” I’m a doctor who helps her patients create a sustainable lifestyle transition by educating them on creating a healthy and vibrant lifestyle through cooking with whole foods, teaching my clients what to eat, how to create and sustain healthy life habits and design your one sweet life. I am the author of the book, "Eat More Plants." I’ll tell you what no one else will… Your risk for disease and a shorter life has more to do with what you eat and how you live daily, than genetics. I'll teach you how to create your one sweet life... the only one you really have. How? You will discover how to Reduce blood glucose levels Lose weight and keep it off Reverse diabetes and normalize blood sugar levels Discover "Daelicious" meals based upon eating whole foods Learn how to control type 2 diabetes without medications Learn how to shop for healthy foods and save money Improve your habits and get better sleep Explore cooking by becoming a healthy chef Eat healthy meals for busy moms and dads ... and more Chances are, you’ve been told all your life to give up your favorite foods or that dieting is a “no pain/no gain” situation and eating healthy is expensive. That's incorrect! I'll prove it. I know exactly what you’re going through. After I graduated from Northwestern University, I joined one of the top 5 consulting firms in the country. It felt as if I never stopped working. After driving 1.5 hours every day and juggling multiple responsibilities that seemed to grow from week to week, (Sound familiar?), I caved. Mental and physical exhaustion wiped me out, and I ended up eating fast food every day. My health became my last priority. Eventually, I had enough. Fed up with living unhappily and eating life-shortening food, I sought the help of a naturopathic doctor. She reversed my dangerous path and helped me transition to a more balanced life. Only when I placed my focus on my mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being did I break free from the trap of stress and poor nutrition. I had to share this information with as many people as I could, so I decided to become a naturopathic doctor myself. After attending University of Bridgeport’s College of Naturopathic Medicine, I embarked on a mission to help people like me… People who are stressed out. People who toggle between competing commitments. People who sacrifice their health and many times their very existence. You don’t have to do that anymore. I’m here to show you how you can have a real passion for food—with none of the weight gain and fatigue caused by drive-through, processed, and microwaveable meals. I’ve designed these course to show you how you can design a vibrant life…"YourOneSweetLife"

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Preparation Before You Start

    • A snap shot of 28 Days of Program

    • 28 day detox grocery list week 1

    • 28 day detox sample menu week 1

    • 28 day detox grocery list week 2

    • 28 day detox sample meal week 2

    • 28 day detox grocery list week 3

    • 28 day detox sample menu week 3

    • 28 day detox grocery list week 4

    • 28 day detox sample meal plan week 4

  • 2

    Healthy Plate

    • Healthy Plate

    • Why are portion sizes important

    • Portion Sizes

    • 10 servings of Fruits and Vegetables in a Day

    • Eating the rainbowwithpics-Edited

    • Portion Sizes for Vegetables

    • Grains Portions Sizes

    • Proteins Portions Sizes

  • 3

    Day 1

  • 4

    Day 2

    • Day 2 Managing Stress Video

    • Day 2 Managing Stress Centering Thought

    • Day 2 Centering Exercise – Managing Stress

  • 5

    Day 3

    • Day 3 Ridding Our Body of Toxins from Body Video

    • Day 3 Centering Exercise – Ridding our Body of Toxins Centering Thoughts

    • Day 3 Centering Exercise – Ridding our Body of Toxins

  • 6

    Day 4

    • Day 4 Whole Foods Whole Health Video

    • Day 4 Centering Exercise – Whole Health Centering Thought

    • Day 4 Centering Exercise – Whole Health

  • 7

    Day 5

    • Day 5 Serving Sizes of Fruits and Veggies Video

    • Day 5 Finding Balance Centering Thought

    • Day 5 Centering Exercise – Finding Balance

  • 8

    Day 6

    • Day 6 Organs of Elimination Video

    • Day 6 Getting Rid of Weeds Centering Thought

    • Day 6 Centering Exercise – Getting Rid of the Weeds in our Lives

  • 9

    Day 7

    • Day 7 How to Make Your Food Soar with Flavor

    • Day 7 Spicing Up Life Centering Thought

    • Day 7 Centering Exercise - Spicing Up the Daily Life

  • 10

    Day 8

    • Day 8 Dealing with Food Cravings Video

    • Day 8 Igniting Passion Centering Thought

    • Day 8 Centering Exercise – Igniting Passion

  • 11

    Day 9

    • Day 9 The Importance of Hydration Video

    • Day 9 Go With The Flow Centering Thought

    • Day 9 Centering Exercise – Go with the Flow

  • 12

    Day 10

    • Day 10 Handling Change Video

    • Day 10 Handling Change Centering Thought

    • Day 10 Centering Exercise – Handling Change

  • 13

    Day 11

    • Day 11 Forgiveness Video

    • Day 11 Forgiveness Centering Thought

    • Day 11 Centering Exercise – Forgive

  • 14

    Day 12

    • Day 12 Emotional Dreams can be part of your Detox

    • Day 12 Centering Exercise - Vulnerability

    • Day 12 Vulnerability Centering Thought

  • 15

    Day 13

    • Day 13 Soft Belly Breathing Meditation

    • Day 13 Cleaning Up Your Space Center Thought

    • Day 13 Centering Exercise – Cleaning Up Your Space

  • 16

    Day 14

    • Day 14 Detox the Mind Video

    • Day 14 Detox the Mind Centering Thought

    • Day 14 Centering Exercise – Detox the Mind

  • 17

    Day 15

    • Day 15 Sleep Restoration Video

    • Day 15 Get Sleep Centering Thought

    • Day 15 Centering Exercise – Get Sleep

  • 18

    Day 16

    • Day 16 Vacation Without Leaving Home Video

    • Day 16 Vacation in the Mind

    • Day 16 Centering Exercise – Vacation on the Mind

  • 19

    Day 17

    • Day 17 The Importance of Exercise (Movement) Video

    • Day 17 Walking Meditation

    • Day 17 Centering Exercise – Walking Meditation

  • 20

    Day 18

    • Day 18 What you don't know about Sleep and Weight

    • Day 18 Freedom Meditation

    • Day 18 Centering Exercise – Freedom

  • 21

    Day 19

    • Day 19 Finding Gratitude Video

    • Day 19 Opening to Gratitude Centering Thought

    • Day 19 Centering Exercise – Finding Gratitude

  • 22

    Day 20

    • Day 20 Creating Healthy Habits

    • Day 20 Centering Thought - The Importance of Community

    • Day 20 Centering Exercise - The Importance of Community

  • 23

    Day 21

    • Day 21 Take a Walk In Nature

    • Day 21 Centering Exercise - Nature First

    • Day 21 - Breath In Breathe Out

  • 24

    Day 22

    • Day 22 Old Fashion Detoxification

    • Day 22 Centering Exercise - Simple Like the Blue Sky

    • Day 22 - Blue Skies Meditation

  • 25

    Day 23

    • Day 23 Detoxification from Harsh Chemicals

    • Day 23 Centering Exercise - The Light Within You

    • Day 23 Centering Exercise - The Light Within You

  • 26

    Day 24

    • Day 24 Nuture Yourself Video

    • Day 24 Nurture Yourself Centering Thought

    • Day 24 Centering Exercise – Nurture Yourself

  • 27

    Day 25

    • Day 25 Do Not Cook In Plastic Containers

    • Day 25 Centering Exercise - Remembering Our Creativity

    • Day 25 Remembering Your Creativity

  • 28

    Day 26

    • Day 26 SMART Goals

    • Day 26 Finding Focus Centering Thought

    • Day 26 Centering Exercise – Creating Focus

  • 29

    Day 27

    • Day 27 Next Steps....

    • Day 27 Creating Ease

    • 27 Centering Exercise – Creating Ease

  • 30

    Day 28

    • Day 28 Congratulations

    • 28 Day Embracing Joy

    • 28 Centering Exercise – Embracing Joy


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28 Dextoxification Challenge

Jacqueline Freeland

Doing the detoxification program allowed me to focus on eating healthy and exercising. During my detox timeframe, I was weighing 189 pounds. When the detox w...

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Doing the detoxification program allowed me to focus on eating healthy and exercising. During my detox timeframe, I was weighing 189 pounds. When the detox was over, my weight was down to 167. As of today 5/24/2020, my weight is 149. My goal weight is 135. I feel better when I am going up and downstairs. My skin looks so much healthier and my hair is growing something I have been praying for in a long time. I am excited about this new lifestyle journey. In addition, I am not having hot flashes like I was when I met Dr. Dae. Thanks, Dr. Dae and Staff for helping me to get back on track to a healthy lifestyle. Best Regards, Jacqueline F.

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